How To Save Money At Home Depot

During the early years of our children’s lives, it’s safe to say that there will be a fair number of home improvements along the way.

The Home Depot is a great one-stop for tools, appliances, furniture, and much more. I value its low costs and range of discounts to make home improvements more affordable when you have children running around!

The best part is that I’ve found some easy ways to stretch your spending to make surprisingly easy savings. 

Use Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are an easy win, and luckily, Home Depot makes it incredibly easy. They have a dedicated coupons page where I’ve found deals such as $5 off your next $50 in-store purchase. All you have to do is click the link and sign up to the Promo Text Program to receive the code. Simple!

I also recommend installing a coupon browser extension such as Honey when shopping online, which automatically scouts out coupon codes. This works across lots of online retailers, not just Home Depot. You can enjoy surprisingly big savings sometimes!

Check Out The “Special Buy Of The Day”

The Special Buy Of The Day tab is a great one to keep an eye on. This tab is where Home Depot offers a selection of discounted items each day for a limited time. The only trouble is that you never know what will be there, but it’s worthwhile checking out due to the incredible discounts.

Some items have a limited purchase number per order, but as the special buys are often appliances, you shouldn’t need too many!

Make Use Of Home Depot’s Price Match

One section of the Home Depot site to keep an eye on is the Price Match Guarantee. The retailer promises to match the price of the same product found on another website including the shipping cost. However, there are some exemptions such as sale items.

The only part to keep in mind is that the products from the competitor must be able to ship to your location. All you need to do is provide a photo of the retailer’s ad and product if you’re in-store. If you’re shopping online, you can either contact the team on the live chat or phone on their 1-800-430-3376 contact number. 

Have you ever found something in the sale online that wasn’t on sale in-store? There’s a fix for that too. Home Depot promises to price match with itself on identical products, just bring the printout or photo on your next shop in-store so that the staff can validate it.

Generally, I’d say for online retailers, price matching is easier for online purchases than in-store. This is because it is left to the discretion of the store’s manager on whether they’ll match online prices. 

Wait For Seasonal Sales

There’s never any harm in waiting for the sales to grab yourself a bargain. I think this is especially the case when you’re shopping for Christmas. Events like Black Friday are certainly not to be missed as Home Depot is known to have incredible deals for the festive season.

Seasonal sales can also be fantastic for an early year or winter birthday as you can make the most of the end-of-season sales as well as Black Friday deals.

Sign Up For The Newsletter

Even just signing up for Home Depot’s Style & Decor newsletter entitles you to a 10% off coupon, so that is an easy win. As it is focused on Stye & Decor, this is best used if you are seeking out new furniture and homeware.

Along the same lines and what I touched on earlier, Home Depot has a Promo Text Program where you sign up and receive deals straight to your phone. This is how you can get $5 off your next $50 purchase, just by signing up. I have found that Home Depot will send out a maximum of 10 text message deals per month.

How often does Home Depot send out coupons?

Home Depot sends out email offers every so often, particularly around the festive season but also on the off-chance. These are usually 10% off coupons of some kind including $10 off of $100 purchases. Therefore once the winter months approach, keep your eyes peeled!

However, Home Depot also regularly features coupons in their Weekly Ad, so it’s worthwhile checking in to see what new discounts they can offer.

Use The Free Shipping 

Free shipping is always worthwhile keeping an eye on, I know I’ve had it where I was a few dollars off of free shipping, so you might as well add another item to the cart when the paid shipping would total to more.

Home Depot offers free standard shipping on orders of $45 or more. For appliances, you can enjoy free shipping when the order is $396, with purchases on major appliances allowing you to select a delivery date for your convenience. 

Check The Rebate Centre

Home Depot has an online Rebate Center listing all eligible products where you can claim a partial refund if you qualify.

The 11% Rebate Portal occasionally offers an 11% rebate off of in-store purchases, so I’d say that this is not one to miss! The portal has a list of all participating stores, where you must make your submission within 30 days of the purchase for it to be valid. 

Browse The “Special Values Page”

The Special Values page displays all sorts of promotions and items that are currently on sale. Plus you can search by category, brand, and even Savings by Percentage Off, which I find particularly helpful. Here, you can filter the products by 10% off, 20% off, 30% off, and 40% off so you can easily find where you’ll make the best savings.

Sign Up For The Military Discount 

This is certainly not one to miss if you’ve ever served our country. The Military Discount can be used by those on active duty, retired military, and participating reservists. Here, you can enjoy 10% off on regularly priced products in-store with some exemptions in place such as with gift cards. 

Do note that there is a maximum spend of $500, so the most you can save is $50. However, it is incredibly straightforward to enjoy some savings as all you need is your military ID!

If You’re Looking For Tools, Consider Renting 

If you’re doing a quick renovation or a one-off job, you could consider renting the tools. Home Depot has a Tool Rental section where you can rent power tools, indoor gear, outdoor gear, and even large moving and lifting equipment. You can easily save yourself quite a lot of money by simply renting gear as opposed to purchasing it.

You can even rent vans and trucks which is a great option if you’re moving large objects or even moving home. Plus, the Load ‘N Go is only $19 for the first 75 minutes, but be sure to check the availability and calculate your journey’s cost.

What is even handier is that the Truck Rental page provides a calculator to help you determine what boxes and accessories to use.

I think this is a great option for saving your money if you know you won’t be using the tools anytime soon. After all, why waste your cash on something you’ll never use again?

Take Advantage Of The Store’s Free Lumber Cutting 

If you’re doing some serious renovations, you will be glad to know that Home Depot cuts your lumber for FREE! As you’d expect, this only applies to the wood you’ve bought in the store.

All you have to do is choose the sheets or boards you want and go to the lumber area where the team will cut the wood. The cuts will also be subjected to size limitations so don’t expect the wood to be cut into sizes less than 12 inches.

If You’re Buying Paint, Ask For The “Oops” Cans

The “Oops” paint does what it says on the tin. This paint was unsold for one reason or another, usually, if the paint was returned, if the color was off or if it had the incorrect consistency. These paints are sold at a huge discount, usually at $5.00 per gallon, but this can vary. 

You will normally have to ask a member of staff to take you to the “Oops” paint as it’s not in a specific area. I’d recommend that you check the paint finish and compare the color swatch with the paint inside if you decide to go down this route.

Join The Garden Club

If you are into your gardening, I would highly recommend joining the Garden Club which works similarly to the Promo Text Program but it’s specifically for Home Depot’s garden section.

Simply sign up and get the $5 discount sent straight to your inbox. Then you can enjoy up to 10 texts a month containing gardening-related coupons. It’s an easy win!

Shop In The Clearance Section 

This is a really easy one, simply head over to the clearance section the next time you visit Home Depot and you’ll be surprised at how low the prices are. It’s not uncommon to find items for under a dollar.

Products in the clearance section usually steadily go down in price over the course of several months. In fact, if an item isn’t sold when it’s at 75% off, the computer automatically prices it at $0.01. That’s a bargain you can’t refuse!

Just Ask For A Discount!

This is one way to step out of your comfort zone! All you have to do is ask a store colleague for a discount. According to Business Insider, Home Depot allows members of staff to discount certain items up to 50% and they don’t have to run it by their supervisors.

However, members of staff are trained to use discretion when giving out discounts, so try to use a different money-saving method unless you have a genuine reason. That being said, people have often reported being automatically given a discount on certain products and volumes, so maybe you’ll just get lucky!


Is it better to shop online at Home Depot or in-store?

I think this will depend on what you’re shopping for. If you’re after lumber or paint, you need to go in-store to take advantage of the benefits, with the same going for the initial 11% Rebate Portal purchase, the clearance section, and other store-specific coupons.

However, it may be easier to browse through The Special Buy Of The Day, Special Value products, and other coupon codes online, as well as to take advantage of free delivery. 

I think the Price Match Guarantee can work online or in-store, it just depends on what you’re wanting to price match. If you’re wanting to price match a product you saw online from a separate retailer, I’d say do the price matching online as it’s down to the discretion of the store manager in-store.

When it comes down to which is better, I feel it completely depends on what you’re wanting to purchase and what promotions you want to enjoy.

Does Home Depot accept manufacturer coupons?

While you can’t use competitor coupons such as from Lowe’s home mailers, you can use manufacturer coupons at Home Depot. 

Will Home Depot price match with Amazon?

Although Home Depot will price match with the same product that is found on another retailer’s website, they do not price match with third-party sellers on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. 

However, items that are sold directly by Amazon can be price matched so long as it’s not part of a membership discount like Amazon Prime.